June 4, 2019



ahVanguard was part of the renovation of the State Theatre along with the digital and physical rebrand of the venue to the Floridian Social Club. Concept renderings were created to support the end vision of the club. Digital re-brand, social media assets, web site, logo and secondary logos.

  • Strategy

    Construction, Brand Development & Strategy

  • Design

    Primary Markings, Secondary Markings, Element / Ornamental designs, Creative Direction, Social Media Assets, Update Videos, Brand Reveal Video

  • Client

    Floridian Social Club

  • Operations

    Created Operating and Control Documents, Policies & Procedures, Employee Handbooks and Hiring Guide

  • Financial Support

    Pro-forma and Financial Models and forecasting.


Reimagine a roaring 20's concert venue in 2020.

Brand Identity

Primary Logo

In 1949 the State Theatre was introduced as a motion picture theatre. There were many in downtown St. Petersburg at the time, but this is the last one that remains. One of St. Pete’s most famous theaters was called the Florida Theatre, where Elvis performed. This idea was mixed with our recent trip to Havana, Cuba where we visited (among other places) the Floridita, a famous Hemingway hangout. The Buena Vista Social Club also influenced the the new brand. This rebrand was designed to notify people that this building has evolved again and plans to host a variety of events, concerts, weddings, etc. 

Photorealistic Renderings

Giving your ideas life!

We imported the General Contractor’s drawings and created a 3D Photorealistic rendering. These renderings aided construction crews on how things should be positioned and finished (IE, tile / grout, angles, etc).  These renderings also aided design in decor and finishing.

Content Creation

Video Reels & Updates

Systems Integration


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